The side loading system is a technological innovation that uses metal containers for the storage of household solid waste until its collection, which is carried out by a compactor truck that performs this process in a fully automated manner. The containers are subsequently washed and sanitized, on site, by an automated washing truck.


The system adds efficiency, operational flexibility, health and hygiene.




Technological innovation and systems integration.


Available 24/7. Allows the user to deposit their waste at any time of the day, 365 days of the year.


It keeps the waste stored until the moment of its collection, eliminating the collection of garbage on sidewalks and streets.


Reduces visual and environmental pollution caused by waste when exposed on public roads.


Reduces the occurrence and proliferation of disease vectors (flies, rats, etc.)


It provides greater operational efficiency by optimizing collection times


It offers a safe and healthy equipment for users and operators and improves their working conditions by avoiding direct contact with garbage.


It allows a flexible operation, improving the service to users. Reduces vehicle congestion.


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